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How To Install Multiply Custom Themes

Need help in installing your custom Multiply theme? Here's a step by step guide for you:

Step 1 - Read the instructions provided.
Custom Multiply themes usually have instructions provided on how to properly install it. Read it carefully because it may have special guidelines to properly work.

Step 2 - Select the base theme.
All custom themes are made from a base theme that's provided by Multiply. Before you install your theme, make sure that you revert your theme back to the original settings of the required base theme.

To select the base theme, simply go to SETTINGS. Select SITE THEME. Choose the base theme as prescribed by the custom theme. The link for the available themes is:

Step 3 - Copy the CSS code.
All custom themes should provide this CSS code. Select and highlight it and press "Ctrl+C" (copy). Make sure that you are copying only the CSS code and not the titles and descriptions of the custom theme.

Step 4 - Open the custom CSS page of your account.
Log-in to your account and select SETTINGS. Then choose CUSTOM CSS. You may also click the following link as a shortcut:

Step 5 - Paste the CSS code of the custom theme.
Press "Ctrl+V" (paste) into the space provided. Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page and you're finished! You may now check your Multiply account and browse around to see if everything is working fine.

What if something goes wrong?
In some cases, the custom theme will not work. There will be broken pages or code errors. If this happens, you can choose to go back to the base theme or any of the available standard theme.

To do this, simply go to SETTINGS, and then select SITE THEME. Next, choose a theme of your choice. Here's the link for you:

Enjoy your new Multiply custom theme!

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