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Monokuro Boo

monokuro boo

Sandskrit-based theme for everyone. Cute, simple and fantastic.

Monokuro Boo are anime-style characters that were created by the Japanese company San-X. The characters are composed of two pigs, one white and one black, with square-shaped bodies, dots for eyes, a snout, and a curly tail at the back. They are occasionally seen with a bee flying around them. Their earliest appearances date back to various licensing and gift shows in Japan in 2005.

Monokuro Boo's tagline is "Simple is Best", and one or both of the pigs can also be seen with speech bubbles that say, "Boo", "Love?", "Enjoy?", or "Happy".

The character is licensed under RM Enterprises (BVI) Ltd., who takes care of the development and promotion of the character in Asia, as well as other international territories.

According to Monokuro Boo's unnamed female designer, the concept of using monotone colors for this character was a deliberate deviation from the general trend where all things and characters that are cute (or "kawaii") have to be in bright and colorful palettes. By introducing a line of merchandise that come in black, white and gray, the designer hoped to prove that it is possible for such a concept to be accepted and entertained by the general public, consumers and fans of kawaii merchandise in general.

In line with the character's concept, the name "Monokuro Boo" is also a derivation of the words "Monokuro" ("Monochrome") and "Boo" (the Japanese onomatopoeic equivalent for "oink"). Alternatively, it is also a possibility that "Monokuro" is also a play on the Japanese word "kuro", which means "black", while "Boo" can actually be for the first syllable for the Japanese word for "pig", which is "buta". These are only general assumptions and remain unconfirmed.

Instructions and CSS code to install this theme is available here:
Monokuro Boo

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