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Be Wild, Dream Big

Dream Big is Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand's third album, independently released in 2003 under the title Hey Hey Hey. It featured 4 tracks that had debuted on the band's first two albums but re-recorded as well as 8 brand new songs. A similar tracklisting became available as the bands major label debut under the title "Dream Big" when the band signed a record deal with Capitol Nashville. Dream Big is noticeably missing the track "She's Bad For Me" and does not contain the hidden track "Corn Dogs" from Hey Hey Hey. "Corn Dogs" has since been offically released as the closing track on the band's album Last Man Standing.

The song "Dream Big", the band's only chart single, was also featured in advertisements for the NBC reality show 'Three Wishes', which was hosted by Amy Grant.

Although totally unrelated, this layout is totally fantastic. It was created by and is based from the ever popular theme, Avlack.

Instructions and CSS code to install this theme is available here:
Be Wild, Dream Big

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